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Things our customers have said about us:

"I first started taking Intra 2 ½ years ago, I wasn’t actually ill – just suffering from the wear and tear of being 55 years old, and having spent many years driving 30,000 miles per year. I had general aches and pains, particularly my back and legs which was very uncomfortable. After two weeks of taking Intra I noticed an immediate improvement in my flexibility and joint movement. It’s wonderful to feel fit and well and to be free of aches and pains. I don’t take any prescribed medication, and I haven’t needed to see my doctor for a year. I highly recommend Intra to anyone suffering with joint stiffness or pain."

Yours sincerely, Paul Jeffels, Derbyshire

"Having been a customer of yours for years, I would like to express my appreciation for the super product Intra.
A friend of mine swore by Intra, she said people were having wonderful results with arthritis, asthma, migraine, ME, menopause, eczema, psoriasis, irritable bowel syndrome, depression, low energy and all sorts of things. So, on her recommendation, I decided to try it. I was struggling with very low and draining energy levels in middle age and I hated feeling so awful all the time. Intra worked wonders for me, I felt fantastic, so much so that after a couple of years I decided to stop taking it. What a mistake that was, within 8 weeks I noticed a dramatic downward turn in my health; I was back to feeling run down and really low. Being poorly again made me realise how effective Intra really was; it has undoubtedly given me a higher standard of life and wellbeing. It’s so important to me now that I make sure I keep plenty of bottles at home so that I’m never without it again. I haven’t looked back since, every morning I wake up feeling really fit and healthy. Thank you so much for helping so many people like me. Intra is like liquid sunshine for the body and mind, it puts a smile on my face everyday!"

Yours sincerely, Mrs S Clarke, Devon

"Before I started on Intra I had horrendous migraine headaches, arthritis and blood pressure. For me, taking Intra was life changing. I absolutely believe in this lovely herbal blend and I would never be without it.
My health dramatically improved and I feel grea…I’ve recommended Intra to all my friends because I know it works. I believe it would still be an absolute bargain at twice the price. When we are well we often take our bodies for granted … but when we are ill and suffering we realise how priceless good health truly is!"

Yours sincerely, Mrs W Sugden, Derbyshire

"I had a serious car accident three years ago and feel sure that the natural benefits of Intra helped me to quickly regain my health and vitality. I would unhesitatingly recommend Intra to anyone, I work in a healthcare environment dealing with many sick and poorly people but incredibly since taking Intra I have never had the flu and I very rarely get a cold. Thanks to Intra if I do get one it is very mild and is gone within 48 hours. Before I found Intra I took a variety of vitamin pills, which was messy and took ages in the morning because of all the bottles. Now it’s wonderful I get the benefit of 23 top quality herbs in one efficient product…much more time friendly for a woman with an extremely busy lifestyle and it also tasted so much nicer than swallowing loads of pills!"

Yours sincerely, Christine Jones, Bedfordshire

"Anyone who suffers with allergies knows the misery a reaction can cause. It leaves you feeling sick, depleted in energy, full of cold and with really sore, angry weeping eyes. I’d suffered with hay fever since I was a child, then in 1998 I discovered Intra with astonishing results. Incredibly after 50 years of misery the allergy symptoms completely disappeared. You can imagine my delight…but the health benefits did not stop there, every woman dreads the menopause but I just sailed through it. I was amazed that I did not experience any of the menopausal symptoms of irritability or the hot flushes that both my mother and grandmother endured. Intra keeps me so healthy that I almost never catch a cold or flu and if I do I recover really quickly. I absolutely believe Intra keeps my body balanced and well. Where ever I go my Intra will go too…Being healthy is priceless!"

Yours faithfully, Pauline Morrison (Mrs), Staffordshire

"My 18 year old daughter suffered with severe bronchitis and asthma a couple of years ago. It was so bad that she was given very strong inhalers and steroids but she was still very ill and missed weeks of schooling. We were at our wits end with worry until we found Intra. The change in Jo was remarkable, in just a couple of months her condition improved dramatically. Eighteen months on and the bronchitis and asthma are completely under control. She no longer suffers during the winter months and only uses the inhalers on a very occasional basis.

In September my daughter was able to go to University, something the medical specialists thought would never have been possible for Jo because her illness was so debilitating. But now thanks to Intra she has her health back and a lively future to look forward to… Intra truly has give Jo a new lease of life…any parent who watches their child suffering will know how grateful we are to see our lovely daughter well, happy and vibrant again!

We’d like to say a heart felt thank you to the team of doctors and nutritionists whose expertise goes into the making of Intra."

Yours sincerely,Mrs J Maybin, Cornwall

"I am a cross-country runner and Intra has given me the vital energy boost I need when I’m training at intense levels. In my opinion any professional sports person or serious athlete should take Intra. I’m getting good results and I know it’s totally natural and safe for me to use. It’s a great endorsement to Intra’s quality and integrity that it has been inspected, passed and assured as a legal drug free energy supplement safe for athletic use. It’s reassuring that it has been certified by the Biochemistry Department of Köln Sports University and could be used by Olympic athletes. For me it’s pure energy in a bottle. As well as being an effective tool whilst training at intense levels, I also found Intra to be superb for recovery and relaxation after strenuous workouts. If anyone suffers with low energy levels or is stressed they should try Intra. In the past I’ve tried loads of energy drinks and supplements but felt no real effect."

Yours faithfully, Oliver Laws, Middlesex

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