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Welcome to this page of my website where you can have a look at how this life changing business of Lifestyles could change your life for the better as it has mine!

Please take the time to get a feel of the business and then give us a call so you can hear more about what you could achieve – and then think about how it might all add up to give you the lifestyle you might be dreaming of but did not know how to obtain.

I started my Lifestyles business, together with my husband in April 1999 having been encouraged to take a look at it by a local Business Enterprise Agency. Our future was looking dismal – my husband’s work situation was precarious and I was facing many red tape issues trying to launch a beauty therapy business.

It may sound corny but the first thing my look at Lifestyles gave me was hope!
Hope that my health might improve (in spite of having trained as a homoeopath I was still struggling with poor health) and also that there might be a way through all our difficulties.

I have not been disappointed. My health has improved and now I would hate to be without the brilliant Lifestyle’s products.

My outlook on life has also changed. Gradually with being surrounded by positive, enthusiastic and excited people who believe in taking personal responsibility and who are making a significant income, I have grown and so has my business.

I can wholeheartedly encourage anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle – either by becoming more ‘time rich’ to enjoy what you already have, or by using what free time you have to become more ‘cash rich’ – to contact us and find out more.

Now let me introduce you to the couple I work very closely with and who were the ones who first put Lifestyles on the map in the UK back in 1991. They have been a great support and encouragement to me and are always willing to help people I introduce to them, who genuinely want to build a successful business.

The story of Global Marketing Directors - Simon and Julie Brookes

Q. How were you introduced to Lifestyles? Was it through the Lifestyles Business Opportunity? Lifestyles Products or both?

A. If I had a £ for every idea of becoming a millionaire, I would be a multi - millionaire, but the problem with most of us is that we always think of making big money. The trouble is it never happens because we are rarely given an opportunity to do so. For instance, we did not realize at first when we were introduced to Lifestyles back in the summer of 1991 that this was going to be our chance to fulfill all our dreams but I am glad we had the vision and trust in Lifestyles.

Q. What was your initial reaction to Lifestyles?

A. When Julie and I joined Lifestyles, we had big dreams but they always seemed like other peoples dreams as they seemed so unattainable.

At first, we were just looking to earn £1000 per month just to keep the wolf from the door. Once we grew to understand the opportunity, we quickly realized that there was massive potential with unlimited scope to build
something that we knew could achieve our dreams.

Q. Compare your life before joining Lifestyles to what is it like now? Describe the positive effects it has in your life.

A. When we first joined Lifestyles we were so broke. We owed everybody money.

We have just built our new home which is worth £4,500,000; drive two top of the range cars; holiday abroad every month; enjoyed being full time parents to our two sons who we have put through private education; work from home and are financially secure. In fact, we are now living our dreams and we have friends all over the world because of Lifestyles.

There is never a day that goes by where we do not talk about where we came from, how much this opportunity has given us and how much it can help others. Once you open your minds to the tremendous potential it offers, you can be the master of your own life.

Q. What types of income can be earnt from the Lifestyles opportunity.

A. We have over 96,000 distributors around the world & many are earning over £2,000 within their first three months...where can you earn that sort of money that quickly, with NO gamble, risk or even any overheads.

In our first 10 years we've earnt over £3 MILLION.

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