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Botanical Herbal Nutritional Supplements Promoting Good Health
Feel better every day. Nutritional supplements can replace nutrients missing from today’s foods. Food supplements can also strengthen the body naturally. Lifestyles range of botanically based nutritional supplements, provide better nutrition, easier weight control and enhanced inner and outer beauty.

Lifestyles mission – To help you Live Better Every Day

Healthy Eating & Weight Loss
A completely safe and natural weight loss program using break through botanicals to boost the body's metabolism, control appetite and assist in healthy fat burning. Delicious high fibre formulations which help you control your appetite and avoid unhealthy snacking. Designed to give you the daily energy and hunger satisfaction you need to maintain a healthy weight long term.

Targeted Health Products
Calcium formula – A unique blend of calcium and essential nutrients to help maintain strong, healthy bones throughout life. Men’s Vigor – A superior blend that combines modern science with time- tested botanical ingredients to maintain vitality, energy and vigor. Women’s Vigor – A specially formulated blend of traditional botanical extracts to support healthy, balanced hormone levels.

Every Day Essentials
Core nutritional supplements which supply your body with essential nutrients and help protect it from harmful toxins.
Intra and Nutria form the foundation of your personal wellness. Intra is a natural food supplement which is a precise formulation of 23 time-tested and trusted botanical extracts. Intra helps to balance and strengthen the body's eight biological systems.

Nutria is a powerful breakthrough antioxidant supplement that helps protect your body from the toxins of modern life. Your body is exposed to air pollution, food chemicals, contaminated water and stress on a daily basis. This can lead to free-radical formation in the body and damage linked to free-radicals has been linked to:

Aging of the body
Many diseases, including cancer, heart disease and Alzheimers.
macular degenaration of the eye

The powerful nutritional supplements in the form of the phytonutrients found in Nutria can neutralise these free-radicals, protect cells and even help repair damage.

Lifestyles guarantee: Every Lifestyles product is backed by a deep commitment to purity, quality and effectiveness.


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Lifestyles Nutritional products are manufactured in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and HACCP standards.